Thursday, September 4, 2008



Saturday, August 9, 2008

Baby to teen!

Sweet 16!

Hey everyone well i know i havent bloged in forever! But i am still alive i have just been keeping busy! Lets see where do i start... Well i just started drivers training last week and i hate it! But i only have 2 weeks left. So i think i can do it. ummmm i dont wanna type a whole lot today so ill keep it short but ill try to keep up with blogging. But anyway it my sweet 16 today. And we are going to go up to Robie Creek and meet brandi up there tomarrow and hang out. It should be lots of fun i miss them most of the time. Hahaha.
I am very disappointed with some of you! I miss you all and then you come down to twin/ Burley and dont even stop to say HI! :(
well i am going to go get ready to go
I miss you all so much!
Love you!

Monday, July 14, 2008


Here are some pictures! Some of hanna montana, And from Christmas, And some more of our trip to the one and only DISNEYLAND!

Wow! 2 post one day!
Looks like another post so heres another quote! This is a funny one!
"America believes in education: the average professor earns more money in a year than a professional athlete earns in a whole week."


Well i am in Bosie and having a great time! Last night me and my sis got the chance to run around and hang out just us to it was great we went to Kmart, and then to Walmart for like 4 hrs.! It was a blast! We took lots of pictures so i will post them when i get back home. Tomarrow we get to go to Roring Spring Water Park! My Cousin works there so we get a discount when we go. :) I know we are lucky! hahaha
The reason we are going is because like My WHOLE family (on my moms side) Will be there and that rarly ever happens so we are talking advantage of it. It going to be fun and the kids are wasy excited to go! Well i better go ill post when we get back from the waterpark and tell you how it went!
and SORRY JAKE! I am sorry we couldnt get together this trip hopfully we can our next one! :D
And i talked to my mom earlier and she was on her way to the airport to leave so keep her in you prayers!
Have a great day everyone!
Oh and everytime i post at the bottom i am going to do a quote of the day sorta thing so here is the first one...
"With the gift of listening comes the gift of healing."

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Im home!

Well i am back and had a great time at camp it was the best one i have been to so far way way way fun! There is alot that happend but i dont feel like typing it all lol so ill shorten it to the highlights...
1. We went cannoing at redfish!
2. The cabing i was in charge of was infested with ants so we had to move them at 1:00 am!
3. My rocket wouldnt stick on the wall! Way sad about that!
4. I had like the best cabin to be in charge of
5. Testomony meeting was completly AMAZING! I cried all night! And i usually dont cry... Thats how good it was
Well thats preety much it! I have a REALLY REALLY REALLY hecktic next 2 weeks so if i dont post i am way way way sorry!
Oh and before i go in my last post I forgot to metion the COLARADO HUNTS!!! I guess its because they never wanna come down to visit :) Just kidding! I am very sorry that i didnt!
Uncle Terry- Hello! I miss you!
Aunt Jana- Thanks for always telling me when i forget the best people in my blog lol
Jennica- I really enjoyed visiting with you when you came to visit! I hope i can go to bostin and visit you next
Kaitlin- I am sure i didnt spell it right! Sorry! Maybe if i saw you more i would learn it! ;P

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Hello everyone! This week has been a much easier one for me. It was not as busy as the last few. Ive just been doing cheer. I got the dates mixed up for my camps. Starting monday i have Church camp untill Thursday. Then on Saturday (I think) I am going up to Boise to stay with my sister untill tuesday. (Jake maybe we can plan something to where I can see you???) Then my sis will go back home. And i will go to my friends house because my mom will be in HAIWII!!! And while i am at my friends house i will be going to cheer camp. :)
Now for the story about hawii. My mom told my dad that she wanted to go on a vaction she didnt want to know where and she didnt want to plan anything she just wanted to go... Well eventually she found out because she needed to know what to pack. She is so so so excited! She wakes up every morning and says " Kaela guess what. I am going to hawii in --- Days!" But they dont really have anything planed well at least she doesnt but my dad does.
Well thats all for now Keep up on the good bloging i just love reading about what your doing!
Kalen- Keep up with that girl
Brit- Your boys are so precious
Korbi- I miss you guys so much! Your kids are getting so old.
Kortni- I also miss you and your family! Its been way too long! Your girls probably dont even remeber me :(
Grandma- Thanx for always ready and commenting me. I love reading them.
Jake- Keep raising your boy well. And i hope we can see each other soon.
Sommers- I am so Jealous of you! :) Good luck on your trip.
I love you all!